SMD LED Production

From the development of new SMD LED package in laboratory to the production of new light engine and luminaires, FKK committed to revolutionizing the light.In this purpose and to support our customers and provide a global and flexible solution, since 2008 FKK design in Laboratory its own SMD LED technology and products.

Today, this strategy pays off and enables us to offer a wide range of LED components tailored to specific needs (CCT, Ra, lm) of each customers, while ensuring the best quality and very responsive solution.

FKK LED you are free to choose

  • LED size: 3528, 5440, 30114
  • Color temperature from 1800K to 7100K
  • Color rendering (98 Ra available)
  • Luminous flux
  • Color tolerance : ANSI, Mac Adam 3 steps or low cost binning
  • Small quantity to millions
  • Fast Delivery time

FKK SMD technology

FKK offers a full range of SMD LED tailored to optimize performance of professional of lighting.

FKK develops and produces its own line of LED components ensuring the highest quality, flexibly and efficiently meet the requirements of specifiers and lighting designers and allows complete independence from the strategy of large groups. We offer to lighting designers and specifiers a wide range of components customizable for each project and budget.

LED Production Process

LED die bonding Process Die bonding Process

Die bonding Process

Die bonding or die attachment or dotting is the step during which a die (diode) is mounted and fixed to the package or support structure. For a LED package silicon chips is bond to the die pad or die cavity of the support structure (the lead frame) of the semiconductor package.

LED wire bonding process Wire bonding process

Wire bonding process

Wire bonding is the primary method of making interconnections between an integrated circuit (IC) and a printed circuit board (PCB) during semiconductor device fabrication. During this step an interconnection between the die bonder and the lead frame is made by a wire.

SMD LED Potting Potting


The LED package cavity is filled with a silicone and phosphor resin. This is the most complex phase of the process because the phosphor layer must be perfectly balanced to ensure the best color rendering. At this stage the shape of the phosphor lens (concave or convex) will depend on the purity of phosphor mixture and shaping know how.

SMD LED Binning Binning


After a gradual firing to solidify the phosphor layer and give the shape of the lens and the desired density according to required CRI, an handler tester robot (photometer) automatically check the brightness (lumens), color rendering and color temperature (CCT) of all LED produced, gathers it and sorts them by CCT, CRI following a program (binning).

Control of LED Control of LED

Control of LED

FKK SMD components are strictly controlled to ensure the best quality. Between each stage of production of the components very restrictive tests are performed to prevent defective.

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