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The color rendering index or CRI is the ability of a light source to reproduce the different colors of the visible spectrum without affecting the colors.

The general index color rendering Ra determines the quality of a light source from the rendering index of eight standard colors (R1-R8) and six other saturated colors (R9 to R14). The maximum index Ra = 100, corresponds to white light with the same spectrum as sunlight. Some of FKK LED reach values of Ra 98.

We focus on light quality

FKK high color rendering index LED lights dramatically improve the appearance of products by allowing colors to appear clear, vivid and distinguishable all while consuming significantly less energy. By taking an innovative approach and thinking new emission spectrum, our LED lights have achieved the highest color rendering available using the most advanced technologies.


R9 Chromaticity

FKK LED series maximizes the visual impact of fresh goods (meat, fresh fruits and vegetables) and the visual appearance of human skin by improving the color rendering of red color nuances.

FKK LED series offers to lighting designers the most effective solution to improve the impact of displayed products in outlets. LED Components and luminaires are designed to enhance the visual impact of products on display, delivering superior color rendering than halogen, fluorescent or sodium lighting. Conventional lightings, which are generally, suffering from a lack in the rendering of the red color and shades.FKK LEDs are all offering an excellent color rendering for red (R9) greater than 80 Ra and up to 94 Ra for high rendition series.

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